Test, Fix & Prevent Fuel Related Problems

Diesel Tank Snake

1' Black Diesel Tank Snake Product Picture

$ 26.99

  • Breakthrough technology protects entire Diesel fuel system.
  • Continuously removes water, preventing phase separation.
  • Prevents formation of sludge deposits, bacteria, fungus.
  • Leave in tank over long periods for season-long protection.
  • Simple to remove once expanded from absorbing water.
  • Three sizes treat 20 to 275 gallon storage tanks (truck to bulk fuel tanks).
  • Custom sizes treat up to 10,000 gallon tanks.
  • Two versions: Every day use or storage version with Stabilizer.
  • Tanks Snakes with stabilizer contain an added fuel preservative to keep fuel fresh and preserved, especially in storage.
  • Made in the U.S.A with non-hazardous, non-toxic materials for easy disposal.

Protect your diesel fuel system with TANK SNAKE Water Extractor. This breakthrough technology protects your system by continuously removing water, preventing formation of sludge deposits, bacteria, and fungus.

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